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AUTOTIETO REKNUM smsnumber 16258

Second hand car - who's the owner? How much horsepower has in Ferrari driving behind you? Date of last passed inspection?

Information on a car current owner or holder, technical specifications and registration information is available around the clock by SMS in number 16258.

SMS query service from the Vehicular and Driver Data Register is subject to a fee.

The following information is available via the number 16258:

  • - The names and municipalities of residence of the car's current owner and holder
  • - A car's make, model, engine capacity, engine power, commissioning date, and date of last passed inspection, as well as any encumbrances on the car and the name of the insurance company that has insured the car
car search by smsnumber 16258

How it works? Send SMS:


to the number 16258

Example: AUTOTIETO XYZ123 to the number 16258 (XYZ123 is vehicle's licence plate number).

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Example answer:

"CZF-xxx, Volkswagen 5D PASSAT VARIANT 2.0FSI-3C/271, 1980, 110.0kW, Käyttöönotto: 12.06.2006, Katsastettu: 12.06.2014, Seur.kats.: 12.02.2015 - 12.06.2015 CZF-xxx, Omist: xxxxx xxxxxxxx, HELSINKI, IF, Tietolähde: Trafi, ajoneuvoliikennerekisteri."


Price: 3,73 €/search (vat.24%). SMS ordering works with Finnish operators networks (Elisa, DNA, Saunalahti, Telia). Service by Ajohallintokeskus Trafi and Elisa Oyj.

Before using this service, please note..

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that any data obtained from the service may not be used for unlawful purposes or in a way that would compromise the protection of personal privacy. The data derived from the service are intended to be used primarily in connection with the sale and purchase of vehicles between consumers to ensure the reliability of vehicle and owner data, for example by verifying that the seller actually owns the vehicle. Any other authorised purposes of use must be related to traffic safety, vehicles, vehicle traffic or its effects on the environment, or driving of a vehicle. By using this service, you commit to comply with the conditions explained above.

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What is Mr XXs phone number? Find someones phonenumber by sending SMS for example:

FIND JACK SMITH to the number 16258

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FIND 0505950550 to the number 16258

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FIND KAUPPA ESPOO to the number 16258

Price: 3,00 €/search (alv. 24%). SMS ordering works with Finnish operators networks (Elisa, Telia, Dna, Saunalahti).Service by Eniro Finland and Elisa Oyj.